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Helping students by helping teachers!  

That is our motto!

Via this website and other forums we at Dynamic Classroom strive to help all students succeed and we believe that this can be accomplished by helping teachers make their classrooms a fun and dynamic place.

Here is what a true education professional has to say about seeing the dynamicclassroom method in action.

Focused Learning!

"To observe students enjoy learning history and totally focused on the events being studied was a great experience for me.  To see students "wide awake," interacting and internalizing historical events and characters was an exciting observation for me.  As an educator with 45 years of experience (Superintendent, Principal at the High school, Middle school, and Elementary school levels) I have never seen a teacher who totally integrates technology in the teaching process until I observed Mr. Eric Miller.  His computer-integrated curriculum is the future of teaching being practiced today."   

Richard A. Keeler Ed.D.    Retired Educator

Interesting comments regarding dynamicclassroom in action!   Please visit: http://vsteitrtshare.blogspot.com/

Webcast Historians in the news!

The Daniel Morgan Middle School Webcast Historian Program is currently detailed in Hallowed Ground the journal of the Civil War Preservation Trust. (CWPT)

Article text coming soon!The Daniel Morgan Middle School Webcast Historian Program is currently detailed in Hallowed Ground the journal of the Civil War Preservation Trust. (CWPT)

Webcast Historians Meet Senator Jim Webb

Webcast Historian 2010 Program!

Visit the "Webcast Historian" channel on schooltube to view some outstanding projects created by Daniel Morgan Middle School students.  Please visit: http://www.schooltube.com/videosearch?q=webcast+historians

Can you see their excitement?Read about the Civil War Press Conference at the Third Winchester Battlefield where the Webcast Historians covered the newsmakers and were newsmakers themselves. Read dynamicclassroom blog entry #15 for more on this!

Visit Civil War Preservation Trust's website to view the Webcast Historian Third Winchester Webcasts

Teachers do you ever think about...

  • Reaching all of your students. 
  • Eliminating discipline disruptions.
  • Making learning fun for everyone including yourself.
  • Bringing your content to "life."
  • Making your lessons relevant.
  • Using proven techniques.
  • Being the best teacher that you can be.
  • Using technology to create a new way of teaching and learning.
  • Consistently getting high SOL scores with all of your students.

... how all of these things can be achieved?

To see how dynamicclassroom can help you in the classroom see "How To" page.

If you want to learn more please explore this website, visit and comment on the blog page, and contact dynamicclassroom with any question or comments.  Thank You!

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Just what is a DynamicClassroom?

We invite you to tell us what makes a classroom a DynamicClassroom.  Think back to when you were a student and recall your favorite learning experiences.  What was it about those situations that make them stand out?  If you are currently a student or a teacher we invite you to do the same.  We want to know what you think about learning and the love of learning.

Email your thoughts to: ericmiller@dynamicclassroom.com